NLHE Poker Trainer (Texas Hold 'em) App Reviews

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Good hand analysis

Excellent for beginners and intermediate players. Very detailed analysis.

solid poker app

Im a novice poker player, and Im finding this app to be helpful and informative. Its great for beginners to learn more about hold em strategy.

Great app!

I have learned a bunch from this app. Hopefully it will translate into big bucks when I head to Vegas in a few weeks :)

Helpful and simple

Definitely seems like intelligent answers on actual poker situations. Simple graphics giving you all the information and tests to become a better poker player.

Wasted $0.99

I bought this so I could learn. Right off the bat they are asking questions with terms I don understand. They do not define the terms so unless you want to guess what they are asking or jump from the app to the Internet and back to the your money.

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